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The Soul Survivor


2 days, 18 contestants, ONE SURVIVOR!

Survivor Genesis is a 2 day one night retreat held at Casa de Martin on December 17th and 18th, 2021.

18 college age contestants will be divided into two equal tribes. The objective is to outwit, outpray and outlast all the other contestants through a physical, mental and social game. Each tribe starts with a tribe flag, a 5 gallon jug of water, 2 lbs of rice, a machete and one large canteen with a strap.

The tribes will compete against each other in physical challenges to win camping supplies and food. After each challenge there will be a tribal council meeting in the designated tribal area. The winning tribe gets a tribe immunity idol but the losing tribe will immediately have to attend the tribal council meeting to vote out TWO of their members.

Each tribe will sleep outdoors in shelters that they build from the supplies they’ve won (if any). There will be separate tents/tarps for men and women but they have to win them in challenges. Contestants are not allowed indoors for the entire time of the game (not even for bathroom). There will be an outdoor pop up pod to serve as a make shift bathroom.

There will be hidden immunity idols throughout the property. There may also be hidden advantages. Immunity idols make a person safe from being voted out at tribal council and they should be kept secret. Advantages can be played during a challenge and they enable the bearer to skip a phase or get an extra try at the challenge.

The two tribes will eventually merge into one and compete for individual immunity. After each challenge there will be a tribal council meeting where the tribe votes out a contestant. Those voted out after the merge become part of the jury that votes on a final winner. All contestants are required to be in attendance for the entire game friday through saturday even though voted out. Those voted out get to eat and sleep indoors.

At the final tribal council each of the three finalist gets to address the jury of 7 and explain why they deserve the $1000 prize and the title of Genesis Soul Survivor. Each jury member also gets to address the finalists before they vote for a winner. After the final vote the game is over and there will be a celebration FEAST later that night.

At Genesis church we always want our events to include an opportunity to be an outreach.  So we came up with the idea of giving the contestants an opportunity to invite a lifeline.  The registration will be open until Sunday November 28th and you will have until then to list your potential lifeline.  We are asking that this person not be someone who has attended any of our events in the past.  This lifeline will have the opportunity to assist you with surviving the game.  


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